through a wheat field; to a pond

This piece, a video poem for guitar and wheat field was written for the September issue of The Goose: Journal for Arts, Environment and Culture in Canada. It was performed by Tomáš Mika on guitar, Kryštof Vosátka carrying the score, and the composer recording, and is dedicated to Václav Gabriel Piňos and Kryštof Vosátka.

Here is what poetry editor for The Goose, Camilla Nelson, had to say in her editorial:

The first of this issue’s ambient ecopoets is Ian Mikyska. The detailed instructions that introduce ‘through a wheat field; to a pond’ emphasise the multiplicity of this work’s sounding. There is a palpable blurring of what falls within the remit (and control) of this work – of what is there and what is not there (across its wavering degrees of reality) – as it is performed and recorded by humans, instruments, and audio equipment in a Southern Bohemian wheat field, and of what falls within the remit of this work as it is performed and experienced by humans and their audio equipment in their multiple audience environments elsewhere. ‘through a wheat field; to a pond’ is a perfect example of what Timothy Morton has dubbed “ambient poetics”: “the attempt to forge art and concepts that lie ‘in between’ traditional ideas of inside and outside”. This piece inhabits multiple places at once, and so do we. This is not atypical of the work in this issue. Audioecopoetics has proven to be a particularly well suited genre within which to explore this kind of ecological thinking: “the thinking of connectedness”.