The Press

Interview with Ritwik Banerji in HISvoice (Czech). English version here.

Opus Osm on Hemiplegia:

“Mr Mikyska creates an intriguing musical landscape”

Zápisník zmizelého on Places and People (in Czech):

“Trivially euphonic and somewhat dull”

Musicweb on Profound Bass at Roxy (in Czech):

“Guitarist Ian Mikyska soon proved that he is adept at wandering through rock and jazz, playing softly and with feeling in order to get a a bit nasty at just the right time.”

Prag Aktuell on Profound Bass at Palác Akropolis (in German):

“On entering the room, the audience was enthralled by the dynamic trio, the young musicians offering a first class performance in a wide variety of jazz improvisations in various styles of dance music.”

Interview in The Musepaper about The Analyses:

“The eponymous analyses occupy an ambiguous space. Partly they are critical accretion on the composer’s work, but they are also, in their wilful and often absurd methods and conclusions, aesthetic objects in their own right.” (Václav said that, not me.)

Interview in Musicweb (in Czech).

Review of Tamanrasset (Stratocluster album, available here) in HISvoice (in Czech):

” […] surprisingly, we encounter a fairly compact approach to the musicians reactions, and yet every new “theme” comes about with a certain difference and a distinctive variability.”


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