Quintet for Strings and Guitar

Composed in 2012.

In this short, non-programmatic piece, the classical guitar, added to the string quartet, explores awide range of unusual sonorities and techniques, often bringing it closer to the unfretted strings through the use of a slide or to the sound of a quickly moving bow. In the opening, two central motivic cells are introduced, and these are then moved through various contexts, from more traditional-sounding ones to the quarter-tone landscape of the second movement.

Recorded on the 14th of September at Studio Alta Prague. Played by Ian Mikyska (guitar), Anna Fliegerová-Romanovská and Matěj Vlk (violins), Kristýna Kolářová (viola) and Šimon Marek (cello).


  1. Introduction
  2. Space
  3. Song


Music and Score:



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