Places and People

This piece was written in June 2013 and was premièred at the Ostrava Philharmonic Hall during the Ostrava Days Festival of New and Experimental Music, during the Into the Night program on the 27th of August 2013.

Ian Mikyska, Irvin Venyš, Peter Szücz

Ian Mikyska, Irvin Venyš, Peter Szücz

The first performance was played by Irvin Venyš and Peter Szücz on bass clarinets and Ian Mikyska on electric guitar.


Program note from Ostrava Days:

Places and People for two bass clarinets and electric guitar explores the possibilities of musical

characterisation, through use of instrumental timbre as well as directly structural means

like repetition or tonality. It describes states of surrounding, but it is not an “atmospheric

piece” in the usual sense of the word, but rather uses the representation of a subjective

consciousness – usually through the guitar, though sometimes through a particular motif

or phrase – that is then distorted and influenced by the arrival or departure of other people

(instruments, melodies, motifs), or continued interaction with and development of them.

The basic extra-musical idea for this piece was moving into a small flat a few minutes away

from the Prague Castle. During the floods in June 2013, those of us fortunate enough to live

on the hills were confined to house arrest, and an amount of people larger than small passed

through the tiny room next to the Hradčanská tram stop. I began composing the piece during

and immediately after the flood; the three “home” sections of it are based on the atmosphere

of the space; the amount of people in it and the resulting dynamic. The two intervening

movements (Light & Dark I and II) are based on clearer spatial concepts and also explore the

range of the three instruments to a larger extent, whilst still developing the dynamic that was

semantically established in the other three movements. The piece is dedicated to Tamara



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