The Music

Below, I’ve split my music into three categories; one-off compositions (from instrumental to electronica and audiovisual), stable groups (improvised and composed, as well as a poetry-performance duo) and somewhat-one-off improvisations.


partitura no. 2: banalita

Romanzas Cortas en una Lengua Privada

“I, The – for Speaking Clarinetist

Components in Time; for Audience

Hemiplegia for Singer, Two Narrators and Ensemble

Kleine Morgenstimmung for Orchestra

malé věci v krajině II., text score for 6 performers

Metamorphoses for Two Clarinets

Places and People for two bass clarinets and electric guitar

Quintet for Strings and Guitar



+x (duo with Tomáš Mika)

Tristram Trio

Unbekannt Quartet



hra94 – pondělní odpoledne / monday afternoon

plastic balloons and plastic dogs (with Tomáš Mika)



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