Orchestra Piece Premiered in Dessau

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be contacted by horn player Daniel Costello, member of Ostravská banda, who lives and works in Dessau, where he plays in the Anhaltische Philharmonie.

The orchestra decided to do an event as part of the Kurt Weill Festival that consisted of people tweeting musical melodies between noon and midnight on Sunday, March the 2nd, and these were then sent out to a host of composers to arrange for orchestra. These were then played in two concerts on Monday, an afternoon and an evening concert, both of which were live-streamed online and recorded for posterity.

Here is my short piece based on @pagru99’s tweet “Kleine Morgenstimmung”.

Composing in this time frame was a challenging business, and writing with the knowledge that the rehearsal will be minimal if it happens at all (I sent the orchestral parts off to Dessau in PDF an hour and a half before the start of the concert) also required some pretty drastic changes to compositional technique.

Many thanks to the Anhaltische Philharmonie for this opportunity!


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